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The International Boxing Association (Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur) 

is a sports organization that approves amateur boxing matches and other championships, awards and world prices.

Important dates in the history of the organization AIBA

February 6, 1920 - For the first time mentioned the idea of establishing an international boxing association. Association AIBA was opened for FIBA. The main initiators were the representatives of associations of England, France, Belgium, Holland and Brazil. As well as representatives from the US, Ireland and Scotland. As the official language of the organization is recommended English, but the official name is French (Fédération Internationale de Box Amateur - FIBA, later began to use the acronym AIBA from the English translation)

August 24, 1920 - During the Olympic Games in Antwerp officially founded FIBA. The first president is appointed Douglas H. from the UK. Members of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA.

1921 - French becomes the second official language of the organization's

July 1, 1926 - In Paris held the rank fifth session FIBA organization, which was officially established and introduced new rules. One of them is the new, fixed duration of the match and three rounds of three minutes.

May 13, 1931 - After the ninth congress in Brussels, it was decided that the referee will manage the match inside the ring (formerly sat on a high chair outside the ring). At the same time, it was the Olympic Games in Los Angeles introduced the use of rubber mouthguard.

Immediately after the end of World War II, several senior representatives of FIBA accused of collaboration with the Nazis and war crimes. FIBA has therefore become untrustworthy organizations. However, subsequently the English Amateur Association in cooperation with the French boxing federation founded a new organization - AIBA. First AIBA Congress, which took place on the 29th -30. November in London was attended by 21 countries. The first president of AIBA was elected Emile Grémaux from France.

15 to 16 June 1950 - On the second AIBA Congress in Copenhagen, was established more new rules and in particular the provisions weight categories. The congress was attended by 54 countries.

August 27 to September 10, 1974 - The Munich Olympics were first used in gloves with white target (allowable hitting area). Use also began AIBA head protection - helmets.

17 to 30 August 1974 - held its first AIBA World Championships in Havana, attended by 242 athletes from 45 countries.

21st -25. November 1994 - The thirteenth conference in Beijing AIBA is officially recognized female boxing as a competitive discipline.

2005 - AIBA organized the first world championship in amateur boxing.

2006 - the head of AIBA's Wu Ching-kuo

October 22, 2007 - Held AIBA conference in Chicago, attended by 196 associations from all over the world. There are new rules and competition, for example, the new logo of AIBA. 

AIBA is also the name for the boxing gloves that are approved for use by this organization for amateur matches. They are blue and red, and have a white target. These gloves have a specific filler because of security.

Other products AIBA certification can be found HERE 

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